FAQ | getadsimple


1) What is trearn?
Trearn is a news article portal worldwide available displaying the latest informations about Culture, Tech, Sports, World, Business and more.
2) How we work?
We are an information platform, and each user will receive a small commission each use of our site.
3) What benefits do users?
By visiting and writing articles, users earn virtual coins, exchangeable for cash.
4) Welcome Bonus
Each new user will receive a welcome bonus of 5000 coins = 5 €, be withdrawn to reach the minimum withdrawal amount (50 €)
5) Referrals System
Each basic user will receive 5% of their referrals earnings.
Each vip user will receive 10% of their referrals earnings.
6) When will I get paid?
After requesting the payment, it will be processed and verified. The payment will be paid within 7 working days.
7) Membership vip
By purchasing the VIP membership, you will receive many benefits.
The subscription purchase is non-refundable.
8) Inactive Members
Users who do not have logged on DoMoneyNews for 15 days will be inactive and therefore will be disabled.
9) Do not violate the following rules:
1) You can not multiple accounts
2) Do not use automated bots
3) Read one article at a time
4) Do not use scripts or other
5) Do not use fake traffic or referrals
10) Why did I receive less money than my request?
Before each payment, informo.tv verifies that every single penny earned is suitable. After a careful verification of your profile, we have eliminated the balance deemed invalid due to invalid clicks from you or your referrals.