FAQ | GetAdSimple


1) What are the coins?
Coins are our virtual currency rewards for tasks completed on our website, which can be converted in real money, received by payment methods offered on our website.
2) How can I get more coins?
You can receive coins by completing offers, wathing videos or by visiting websites provided by different advertisers on this website.
3) How many accounts can I make?
You are allowed to register and use just one account. If you register more than 1 account, we will disable all your accounts!
4) When do I get paid?
After you place a withdrawal request, you will get paid in maximum 7 working days!
5) What are the levels?
Levels represent the user's popularity in GetAdSimple
6) How to increase the level?
Completing activities like watching videos on the site and visit websites
7) What you get with the levels?
Upon reaching the level 10 get a free one month vip
On reaching the 100 level get free VIP for life
(In gift a exclusive layout of the site just for you!)
8) What are the targets?
The targets are the sum of your movements on getadsimple, and you will get watching videos and browsing websites.
9) What are referrals?
Referrals are people who sign up through your ref link. Your ref link you will find in the affiliate section
10) Why get referrals?
For every referrals you'll receive:
50% of his earnings (Basic User)
100% of his earnings (Vip User)
Get 1000 referrals and you will get to 1 year of VIP subscription FREE
11) Can my username be changed?
Since we identify your account by your username you CANNOT change your username.
12) What is the Minimum payment?
Our current minimum payment is $1.00
13) How can I retrieve my password?
Click the link 'Forgot your password?' You then enter your email and your password will be resent to your email associated with your account.
14) How can I advertise on GetAdSimple?
Invest GetAdSimple is very simple, you just go to Link for advertise and choose the right option for you. You can choose whether to invest in a website or a youtube video. We have very low prices and you can set the parameters to ensure the best results
15) Are visitors guaranteed?
Yes, We count only those clicks which are made from registered members, so you may receive visitor clicks as bonus.
16) Are visitors unique?
Yes, since we only count one click per ip per day you can count on all visitors being unique.
17) What can not be advertised?
- adult content
18) What payment methods are accepted?
You can make desposits/withdrawls using Paypal, Payza
19) What are the external offerings?
The exterior offers is an additional option that allows you to earn more coins to members of GetAdSimple. The activities carried out in the external network, are not part of getadsimple.
20) How external offerings?
You complete a transaction by one of external network, then this operation is evaluated by the external network. If the external network for the operation has been successfully completed, they send the message ok and we give you the number of coins earned automatically.
21) Why am I not receiving coins from external offerings?
Usually external networks to put us up one day to evaluate a transaction. Make sure you have successfully completed the required operation from the external network. If for you it is valid, wait one day. If after one day do not receive the coins, please contact the service located in the external network. For added security, makes a photo for every operation that is valid for you, so if you care more likely to receive coins.